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I know what you're thinking-so you guys like solve stuff...right? Kind of! We are a group of producers, writers, and overall creators of film and web stories. 

Tom Colarusso is the CEO and president of Solvency Studios. What does that mean? He basically does everything. From inception to production to post work - he is behind the camera, in front of the computer, and the glue that holds the creative team together. Currently, Tom is the lead producer and director for their original pilot Less Than Three. His goal is to raise the budget to shoot season one, find distributors, and get picked up for season two! 


Kimberly Alu is the lead writer and head of creative content at Solvency Studios. She and Tom teamed up after doing their time on the west coast. They landed in New York City and haven’t stopped moving since. Currently, Kimberly is starring in their original pilot Less Than Three as well as taking on a producer role during production. Her biggest goal for Solvency (and let’s face it, herself) is to get one of their many shows streamed through a major television or online network.                                     Anyone know someone at Netflix?


Brian Ish began his journey down the rabbit hole at Solvency Studios in October of 2015 when he signed on as a stage actor, working very closely with Kimberly and Tom throughout the production. The three forged a fantastically weird and wonderful working relationship that sparked the creation of Solvency Studios’ first webseries COHABITS and a myriad of comedy sketches guaranteed to make you feel something! (...or not.) Currently, Brian is the producer and co-writer for the company’s web content. He also has great (and mostly real) hair. His biggest goal for Solvency is to live through the experience. Here we go.

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